Thursday, 23 June 2016

Axutil Commands

Axutil Commands

* AOS name in Server Configuration
Models List:
axutil list /config: <AOS name>
Model elements :
axutil view /model:<model id> /config:<AOS name>

Create a model:
axutil create /model:<model name> /layer:<layer name> /config:<AOS name>
Delete the existing model :

axutil delete /model:<model id> /config:<AOS name>
 export the modelstore:
axutil exportstore /file:”specify the location” /config:<AOS name>
Import a modelstore:
axutil importstore /file:”specify the location” /config:<AOS name>
 Edit a model properties:
Axutil edit /model:”model id” /manifest:Version=”<to which version>”,Publisher=”<publisher name>”,Description=”<Description>”
export the model:
axutil export /model:<model id> /file:”specify the location” /config:<AOS name>
 Import a model:
A model can be imported using several options which can be defined in the Axutil Command
Simple import of a model:
axutil import /file:”specify the location” /config:<AOS name>
Import with Conflict overwrite option:
axutil import /file:”specify the location” /config:<AOS name> /conflict:overwrite
Import with Conflict push option ( only for developers and technical consultants):
axutil import /file:”specify the location” /config:<AOS name> /conflict:push
Import with conflict overwrite and also use replace keyword:
axutil import /file:”specify the location” /config:<AOS name> /conflict:overwrite /replace:”model name”

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