Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Create an Enterprise Portal site

  1. In SharePoint Central Administration, under Application Management, click Create site collections.
  2. In the Web Application list, click Change Web Application, and then select SharePoint–80 or another Web application.
  3. Enter appropriate information in the Title and Description and Web Site Address sections.
    Important:You must enter a unique title and description for each Enterprise Portal site. If you create a new Web site by using SharePoint Services or IIS Manager, and the title or site description matches an existing site, Enterprise Portal cannot be deployed on the new site.

  1. If you downloaded and installed SharePoint language packs on the Web server the Select a language list is displayed in the Create Site Collection form. Select a language for this site.
  2. Under Select a template, click the Custom tab.
  3. Select the Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Portal template.
  4. Enter information in the Site Collection Administrators and Quota sections, and then click OK.

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